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With the help of PKD Foundation Chapters in cities across the country, the PKD Foundation provides a forum for patients who want to join in the fight to find treatments and a cure for PKD. If you live in an area that does not have a local Chapter, the Virtual Chapter provides an opportunity for you to connect with patients and their loved ones, take part in programs and join the fight from your own computer. To be part of the Virtual Chapter, please contact us at





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Welcome to the Our Virtual Chapter!

Thank you for visiting our Web page! Part of the PKD Foundation's mission is to provide programs of support and education to patients as we work towards a treatment and a CURE for PKD.  We currently have 60+ Chapters that support PKD patients and their friends and families in cities across the country yet, we understand that we cannot meet the needs of all patients with our volunteer led Chapters alone. That is why we are launching the Virtual Chapter!  Beginning January 2014, patients from all cities across the United States can join together, virtually, in support of each other. That is really what the Virtual Chapter is all about!

As we work to ensure that all patients have a place to find the education and support they need, we do want to hear from you! Take our brief survey and tell us how the Virtual Chapter can better assist you.

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Walk for PKD 2014Walk Season is Here!

Registration for spring Walks is now open.

If there is not a Walk in your area, the Virtual Walk is for you. Pick a day, time and location that works for you and Walk for PKD. If you are unable to walk, you can use the Virtual Walk to raise money and awareness for PKD.

For more information on the Virtual Walk, email us at or check out us out at the Virtual Walk page.

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PKD Foundation News and Announcements

Saintsation Kriste Spoke at Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation's Leadership ConferenceKriste Lewis

March 17, 2015

Saintsation Kriste was a guest speaker at the Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Foundation's Leadership Conference in Kansas City, Mo., from Feb. 20-22. There were more than 100 people in attendance; two representatives from each state and some representatives from Canada. Attendees were chapter coordinators and leaders across the country with goals of updating each other on ongoing kidney research and continuing to raise awareness of PKD.

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Calendar Local Events and Meetings

Meeting Virtual Chapter Meeting Webinar

Keeping on Track With a Healthy Diet
Tuesday, April 21
7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


Speaker: Jacob Taylor, MS, RD, LD

Do you find it hard to stay on track making healthy choices throughout the year? We all make resolutions to eat right and stay healthy but sometimes, it is difficult to maintain a healthy diet as we navigate through day to day life. Jacob Taylor, University of Kansas Medical Center Department of Dietetics & Nutrition, is going to join us on April 21 to give us practical advice on how to eat right and keep kidneys healthy throughout the year.

Join us for this exclusive live stream event. Participants will receive a link to join the live stream to the email address provided during registration. Staying on track with nutrition can be a challenge. During the live stream and after Jacob's presentation, participants can chat with other participants and share experiences, challenges and success stories. Jacob will also answer your questions and comment on topics discussed in the live chat!


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Meet Our Speaker

Jacob Taylor, MS, RD, LD is a clinical dietitian at Children’s Mercy Hospital and PhD candidate at the University of Kansas Medical Center where he conducts research under Jacob Taylorthe mentorship of emeritus professor, PKD Foundation Founder and renowned PKD researcher Dr. Jared Grantham. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Tennessee in 2009 and his graduate degree at the University of Memphis in 2010 specializing in clinical nutrition. After completing his graduate degree, he traveled to Kansas City to complete his doctorate training at the University of Kansas Medical Center.  Alongside Dr. Grantham, Jacob has focused his research efforts on controlling dietary factors known to affect ADPKD progression with the development and implementation of the Kansas PKD diet in a clinical study pilot. 

Jacob also works clinically as a pediatric nephrology dietitian at Children’s Mercy Hospital where he works with children who have chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, and kidney transplants.  He also conducts clinical research at Children’s Mercy Hospital focusing on improving nutrition care provided to children with kidney disease and has interests in conducting research examining the effects of diet and kidney transplant function in donors and recipients.  He has presented his research at various conferences including the Annual Dialysis Conference and the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

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Virtual Chapter Meeting Library

Visit our library of Virtual Chapter Meetings to view recorded presentations!
If you have questions or suggestions for future topics, please contact us at


Virtual Chapter Library



Visit the Virtual Chapter Library to view the archived recording. 
View the presentation slides.

Reading Nutrition Labels Handout

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Webinar Learn More About PKD

Don’t miss out on our series of  webinars designed to provide education and information about various medical and lifestyle issues related to polycystic kidney disease.

Click here to visit our  learning center and to view our FREE educational webinars!

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Run for PKDRun for PKD

Unite to fight one of the most common genetic diseases worldwide. Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) affects millions of all ages and currently has no treatment or cure. You can help put a treatment within reach. Join the Run for PKD and raise funds and awareness to support the mission of the PKD Foundation. With your support, we can take steps toward a future without PKD.

Choose to participate in our Half Marathon Series, Marathon Series or participate in a local event while you fundraise for PKD! Learn more.

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Resources Resources

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Latest Free Webinar

WatchPreimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) 101

Presented by Lawrence Grunfeld, M.D., clinical associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and co-director of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis, known as PGD, is a screening test used to determine if genetic or chromosomal disorders are present in embryos produced through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

In this webinar, Lawrence Grundfeld, M.D. speaks and answers questions about PGD as it relates to PKD. He is also joined by two families who have chosen to use PGD in family planning.


PKD Connection

Discussion Forums

PKD Discussion ForumsPKD Discussion forums provide a place for patients, family and friends to make connections, ask questions and share stories and experiences.

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©2015, PKD Foundation ·The PKD Foundation is a 501 (c)(3), 509 (a)(1) public charity.

©2015, PKD Foundation ·The PKD Foundation is a 501 (c)(3), 509 (a)(1) public charity.