PKD Foundation among top 30 grant-giving disease foundations in 2014

Via Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Following is a list of 30 nonprofit disease foundations that give grants and other awards (collaborations, fellowships) for research, ranked by the percentage of total revenues spent on those grants and awards. Not included are Section 501(c)(3) exempt private foundations (Bill & Melinda Gates, Clinton) or institutions that care for patients as well as carry out research (Dana-Farber, Mayo Clinic) or research institutes.

Figures for each disease foundation are based on their audited consolidated financial statements, which combine the results of numerous entities overseen by these institutions, although some information on research expenses and/or awards came from the Form 990s filed by each entity with the IRS.

As NIH’s budget yo-yo’ed over the past decade, declining some years and staying flat others, numerous observers opined that disease foundations could help pick up the resulting funding slack. Yet over the past year, seven of 20 organizations listed last year by GEN have reduced their spending for research grants and other awards—and of the 10 organizations new to this year’s list, four reduced research spending year over year.

While the reasons may vary from organization to organization, they suggest that disease foundations alone won’t make up for what the NIH has taken away. Yet the foundations offer valuable help to researchers—not just a shower of cash, but targeted funding programs and perhaps most important, communities with which to share knowledge and collaborate on future studies. Their role in funding research can be expected to grow in coming years.

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