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40-year-old mom with PKD becomes New Orleans Saints’ cheerleader

Kriste Lewis, a 40-year old mom with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), has become a New Orleans Saints cheerleader. Lewis, who is a dance instructor, decided to fulfill her lifelong dream when she turned 40 and tried out for the squad […]

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Statins given early decrease progression of kidney disease

AURORA, Colo. – Results from a study by University of Colorado School of Medicine researchers show that pravastatin, a medicine widely used for treatment of high cholesterol, also slows down the growth of kidney cysts in children and young adults […]

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PKD Foundation among top 30 grant-giving disease foundations in 2014

Via Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Following is a list of 30 nonprofit disease foundations that give grants and other awards (collaborations, fellowships) for research, ranked by the percentage of total revenues spent on those grants and awards. Not included are Section 501(c)(3) exempt […]

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