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At the PKD Foundation, we honor various and unique patient perspectives to show the broad scope of experience that PKD patients face with this disease. This includes the reality of dialysis, which can go undiscussed in our community in comparison […]

May’s Webinar Wednesday saw our friend and Scientific Advisory Committee Chair Terry Watnick, M.D., open the floor to questions from PKD patients. For a quick recap, here some of the highlights from the Q&A with Dr. Watnick: Q: What can […]

The What’s New in PKD: A Day of Learning virtual conference is fast approaching! As preparations for the event continue, we sat down with Judy Ehrlich, Co-Coordinator for the New England Chapter, to talk about how she helped launch the first […]

With Halloween just around the corner, we’d like to remind you of some helpful tips to keep in mind during this sweets-filled holiday. When it comes to pacing your candy and treat intake, remember the age-old saying, “Everything in moderation.” […]

Watch Jacob Taylor, Ph.D., R.D., L.D., author of our new cookbook, Cooking Well: Delicious, everyday recipes for the PKD family, as he talks about the top five things PKD patients with good to excellent kidney function should know about nutrition. […]

Water plays an important role in hydration, but now researchers are finding out that being dehydrated may be particularly harmful to your kidneys. Here are the top four things you should know about water if you have PKD. 1.  Water […]

I have always known that PKD runs in my family. The chain goes from me to my dad, aunt, grandmother and great-grandfather. In fact, my great-grandfather has one of his cystic kidneys on display somewhere because, way back when, they […]

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