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“Are you an organ donor?” I recently asked this, repetitively, over the course of two hours. It was an enlightening experience to volunteer at the Sierra Donor Services Donate Life booth for the DMV Wellness Fair. People would stroll down […]

There have been numerous times throughout my PKD journey when I have been in a medical facility, such as the emergency room, and have had to explain what polycystic kidney disease is to a staff member. On several occasions, while […]

Our days and world revolve around numbers. From how many hours of sleep we get by what time we set our alarm clock to wake us the following morning. To how many hours we work a day and what our […]

Life is full of choices and decisions. Life leads us down many different paths. Some turns we have full control over. Others we are swept up by a strong unwanted gust of wind and dropped right in the middle of […]

I believe it is normal for children and teenagers to be self-consumed. They are growing, learning and finding their way in life. When they come home from school, they tell their parents about their day. I don’t recall asking my […]