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“I think it actually takes a lot of guts for us to come to terms with this that we are not super heroines and it is not about limitations, but preservation to what we have here and now and going […]

It was several years after my transplant as I sat in a lecture at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with a room full of med students. I looked up at the overhead projector and saw the MRI of my […]

Organization helps me stay positive. Especially when it comes to organizing all my medicine. I don’t prepare for a trip like a normal person, say someone with two kidneys.  This past weekend I had an assembly line party of […]

Knowledge, the “K” in my PKD! Rather than fear, try and understand! This is what I live by. When first learning of PKD, or after living with it for almost 20 years, like myself, it can seem scary. I have […]