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Being an athlete involves training, some natural-born talent, strength, stamina and an immense amount of determination, dedication and drive. Noah and I watched athleticism at its finest on the morning of June 28. We stood by the finish line of […]

When your nephrologist calls you two hours after you get your monthly blood work drawn, you know something is wrong. This happened to me last week. When I answered the phone and heard my nephrologist’s voice, I instantly asked, “What is […]

When I think back to my PKD cyst bleed episodes in middle school and high school, I realize I did not talk to many people about what was happening to me. My parents, doctors and school nurse were the ones […]

Sometimes what may seem like a simple gesture or action can prove to mean a whole lot to someone else. I had a ‘fall in love all over again moment’ with Noah last weekend. We attended a PKD support group […]

  In preschool, we are given snacks and nap-time to refuel. In grade school, we have recess to burn off energy and help us focus. In high school, we are given breaks between class periods to talk, walk and clear […]

Nobody likes a setback. I’ve learned that downtime gives us more time to think, which sometimes can be to our benefit and other times not. I find it interesting the thoughts that sporadically cross our minds. I had the thought […]

Nothing is coincidence. I believe we cross paths with people at just the right time in life and for the right reasons. A silver lining of having PKD are the amazing friendships that blossom from battling this disease. Sharing my […]

I was not gifted with great health or an easy journey in life. However, when I was placed in the arms of my mother for the first time, I was immediately gifted with unconditional love. My mom, Pamela, was 26-years-old […]

Hope re-energizes us, gives us something to look forward to, something to cling onto, something to believe in. When living with a chronic issue, there can be days when we feel there is no end in sight, no light at […]