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I believe it is normal for children and teenagers to be self-consumed. They are growing, learning and finding their way in life. When they come home from school, they tell their parents about their day. I don’t recall asking my […]

It is enlightening and quite powerful to learn things about yourself from the viewpoint and observations of others. Below is one of my favorite testimonials from my biography, “My Favorite American” by Dennis McCloskey. The published remarks were made by […]

When we deal with chronic health issues it is easy to acquire tunnel vision. Our peripheral vision is lost and we have laser focus on what is wrong with us. It is important that we step back and look at […]

My eyes scanned the crowd of people with great speed and excitement. As the doors of each incoming tram opened, I grew more anxious to see my parents’ faces in person. It had been more than seven months since I […]