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On Tuesday I walked proudly across the street toward the Firefighters’ Memorial in Capitol Park, adjacent to the State Capitol in Sacramento, California. I spotted the festive blue and white balloons and became filled with excitement for the event I […]

Three years ago today, Noah and I woke up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our Volkswagen station wagon was filled with the supplies we needed for our month-long cross-country journey and move from York, Pennsylvania to Auburn, California. It was day […]

Yesterday I was asked, “How does it feel to be a spokesperson for so many causes where people look at you and the first thing they think of is your kidney issues?” The first thought that popped into my mind […]

I put the finishing touches on my festive Donate Life outfit as I put on my big blue and green earrings in preparation for an interview with the Auburn Journal. I was wearing a frilly green tank top, blue scarf, […]

My transplant surgeon, Dr. Robert Montgomery, described me as someone who was depersonalized by my illness. I was fortunate to learn priceless thoughts and information from my transplant surgeon when the author of my biography, Dennis McCloskey, interviewed Dr. Montgomery […]