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Renal Business Today asked me to write an article on what it was like to be on dialysis. In my September 20th blog post, “Blink of an Eye,” I talked about my dialysis nurse, Bob Cogley, who had recently passed […]

My body was starting to wake up from the anesthesia. It didn’t take but a second to realize something was different from previous surgeries. I looked up quickly to notice a new nurse on the right side of my bed. […]

It was several years after my transplant as I sat in a lecture at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with a room full of med students. I looked up at the overhead projector and saw the MRI of my […]

“Brakes set for Valen. Brakes set for Valen,” said one of our zip-lining tour guides from his walkie-talkie. He was standing on a platform way off in the distance, which was my destination. I was in my harness dangling from […]

“Valen! Look at this!” Dr. Robert Montgomery exclaimed. My world-renowned transplant surgeon cradled the chalk-white kidney in his hands and seconds later, the mustachioed, rock ‘n’ roll music-loving doctor transformed this lifeless organ into a beating, crimson red, living organ. […]