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In life, we are often encouraged to follow our heart and listen to our gut. It simply means to trust our intuition. I believe this is a big component of caring for ourselves and making wise health decisions. After living […]

My neurologist recently informed me that the common triggers for seizures are low magnesium, lack of sleep and stress. At my last appointment, my doctor asked if I felt stressed. I chuckled inside because when you are a patient, especially […]

Before Noah and I moved from Pennsylvania to California in May of 2010, he asked my dad for my hand in marriage. My father said yes, but was honest with him and cautioned him that our future together may not […]

We all have different perspectives on life and living with PKD. Our uniqueness makes the world a beautiful place, and we can all learn and grow from each other. After speaking to more than 85 audiences across North America over […]

As children, we are encouraged to get involved in pastimes such as sports, clubs and hanging out with friends. I recall doing ballet, gymnastics, singing lessons, piano and sleepovers with friends. When you talk to parents, it almost seems like […]

Awareness is a big part of my life: being aware of my health, how I am feeling, knowing that I am taking the best care of myself and being an educated patient, being mindful of others and understanding how I […]

Disclaimer: This post contains an instance of graphic detail regarding the effects of internal bleeding. Noah and I have lived across the country from family and friends for six years. We often say that we spend more quality time with […]

Some things are too grand for the mind to comprehend. For example, I am having trouble processing that my 14-year kidney transplant anniversary will be two days from now. It’s hard to think that, 14 years ago, I was basically […]

When hearing the words polycystic kidney disease, it is easy to think that we endure a disease that only affects our kidneys. However, PKD is far more than that. We can face issues like aneurysms, diverticulitis and high blood pressure, […]

Dear PKD, It’s hard to believe it has been 23 years since we met. You arrived in a fierce and unforgettable manner. I went from having no clue who you were to having an alarming blood pressure reading of 160/140 […]