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As toddlers we may be scared of bugs. Children might fear the dark. Adolescents may dread what others think of them. Adults’ concerns can be relationships, careers, homes, money, family and much more. The elderly might experience new anxieties as […]

I carry symbols of luck with me daily. In my change purse you will find a United States Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Master Gunnery Sergeant coin, which was given to me by a dear friend, Ed Loch, who passed away […]

They say timing is everything. It was a gorgeous CA evening last fall when a dear stray cat walked down our driveway and into our lives and hearts. Noah knelt down and the kitty cautiously walked towards us. Noah petted […]

We all have different characteristics that make us tick. Each of us has varying things that can push our buttons or light up our souls. We are driven by our individual goals and desires. All sharing the unknown of how […]

Did I do something wrong that increased my creatinine? Why is ‘that’ number elevated on my blood work results and my doctor can’t find a cause? When the time comes, will I have a kidney donor? When living with polycystic […]

When we let our guard down and share our thoughts, our souls are revealed. As we wrap up Donate Life Month I want to pass along some insight from several transplant recipients. I asked them to share their thoughts with […]