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The past week-and-a-half has been trying, insightful, painful, comforting and mentally exhausting. Life is full of challenges and triumphs. Times of celebration and of sadness. Certain moments that test us while others provide immense encouragement. I continue to remain true […]

Sometimes witnessing a tiny gesture or a small action can change our perspective. Our spirits can be lifted by a stranger’s smile. Someone in passing can strike up a friendly conversation with us that brightens our day. Seeing an elderly […]

Last Thursday evening, I was filled with great excitement as I arrived at Sierra Donor Services, my local organ procurement organization, in Sacramento, CA. I was meeting transplant recipient friends, Natasha and Lori, so we could go together to visit […]

When we deal with chronic health issues it is easy to acquire tunnel vision. Our peripheral vision is lost and we have laser focus on what is wrong with us. It is important that we step back and look at […]

My eyes scanned the crowd of people with great speed and excitement. As the doors of each incoming tram opened, I grew more anxious to see my parents’ faces in person. It had been more than seven months since I […]

“If you haven’t already, you must be ready to go outside and scream,” my father said recently to me on the phone. We were chatting about everything going on and I was giving him an update on my health. This […]