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Ugh! Never fails….the winter season can bring a lot of snowy days, leaving our family to spend “close” time together cooped up in the house. With everyone off from school and inconsistent work schedules, someone, or everyone is bound to get […]

Over the last several years, flavored water has become more popular. In fact, when walking down the beverage aisle it can be quite over-whelming with the abundance of choices we have. We all know that drinking water is good for […]

The Alkaline Diet-Risks or Benefits?   One thing we can always count on in America is that, if the Atkins, Zone, South Beach, Cabbage Soup, Blood Type, Volumetrics, and/or Gluten-Free Diet haven’t worked for you….you will shortly be bombarded by […]

Along with summer’s end and the change of seasons, our new schedules also start to reveal themselves. For me, it’s school days, which means early mornings, and days filled with lunch/snack making, homework, playdates, new rounds of activities (soccer, dance, […]