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Get ready to raise your voice on PKD Awareness Day

Let’s raise the bar on PKD Awareness Day and come together as a united front to spread the word about this disease further than we ever have before.

Join us on Tuesday, Sept. 4, as we spread the word. Here’s a rundown of our Awareness Day checklist to help you get prepared:

We can’t wait to hear your voice on Sept. 4! Get all your awareness tools now at


  1. Millie Stevens says:

    Our son is scheduled for surgery Sept. 7, 2018, UAB Hospital Birmingham, AL.
    He will have both kidneys removed and receive a transplant from a family friend on this date. I would like to post on face/book information you have to help raise awareness of this awful disease. We have a strong religious faith and believe our son will do well.
    Thank you for your efforts in educating the public regarding PKD and the support offered to families who live with this disease.

    1. find cure for PKD says:

      i Hope he is doing good now.

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