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It’s #PKDAwarenessDay!

“The past speaks to us in a thousand voices, warning and comforting, animating and stirring to action.” – Felix Adler

For over a decade now, our community has gathered together in early September and focused intently on raising awareness for PKD. For many of the people in our community, PKD Awareness Day is similar to any other day during the year. Each day, we scratch and claw for attention and awareness in a world that is full of messages and different pulls on our voice and our minds.

This year, we wanted to focus our message for PKD Awareness Day on just how close PKD is to everyone in the United States. And it’s pretty close.

We did the math.

If you go off of the extremely conservative assumption that everyone in America has at least 150 friends and acquaintances, and those friends and acquaintances have another 150 friends and acquaintances, on average, everyone is about 1.2 degrees away from someone with PKD. That’s really close. Closer than most actors are to Kevin Bacon.

This PKD Awareness Day, we encourage you to help us amplify the voices in our community. Help us bring light to the amazing stories of generations of families who have suffered and battled this disease for decades.

Raising awareness for others is as simple as sharing some of the facts we’ve been highlighting on our Facebook page or on Twitter. It’s as simple as changing your cover photo or your profile picture. You can raise awareness by just entering into a conversation with a friend who might not know what PKD is or how it affects lives.

More importantly, you can help raise money for the PKD Foundation. For over 35 years, our Foundation has been dedicated to funding research, supporting patients and raising awareness so that someday, no one will have to feel the full effects of the disease.

Our mission at the foundation is to give hope to those suffering from PKD. A way for you to help us fulfill that mission is by donating whatever you can today. Even more helpful is if you can become a monthly sustaining donor. The money you donate is used to fund research, support patients, and build a community for all affected by PKD.

Join us.


  1. MARY says:

    I never see it in the media and when I did ask a medical reporter if she would talk about it in one of her segments, she said she would. So, I tried to contact PKD media dept several times sending the medical reporters name and address but never received a response from PKD MEDIA.

  2. Megan Lubis says:

    Hi Mary,
    My name is Megan Lubis, and I am the new Director of Marketing. We would be happy to take media inquiries and closely monitor the account. Please direct media inquiries to that email address in the future. Thanks for the comment, and please do let us know if there is anything else we can do to support you.

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