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Make the most of your ideas with Fundraise Your Way

There are many ways the PKD community can raise funds, but which of them is your way? Our Community Fundraising Specialist Joe Berrigan wants to tell you more about the PKD Foundation’s Fundraise Your Way, a program that gives you the power to use innovative ideas and celebrations as opportunities to push our momentum toward treatments and a cure:

What is Fundraise Your Way?

Fundraise Your Way is an opportunity to turn your hobby, passion or fun idea into an activity or event geared towards helping to end PKD. This program allows you to celebrate survivors and the memory of loved ones who were affected by PKD, spread awareness and raise money to support treatments and a cure in a way that is fun and meaningful to you.

What are some examples?

Stillwell ultimate frisbee team

Fundraise Your Way has led to some wonderful and unique events in the PKD community. Every February, in Manasquan, N.J., long-time PKD Foundation supporter Sean Kenny hosts the annual PKD Paddy Plunge, where fundraisers volunteer to take a frigid winter dip into the ocean in exchange for donations made to the PKD Foundation. In Denver, Colo., Aaron Stillwell and his teammates from Mile High Ultimate donated the proceeds of their ultimate frisbee tournament. In Hoboken, N.J., supporters come together for the “Annual Bar Hop to Stop PKD.” Many supporters also donate their birthdays, or participate local 5K races and other events to support the cause. You can do so much: a bake sale, chili cook-off, March Madness tournament; whatever sounds fun to you!

Who should do it?

One of the great things about Fundraise Your Way is that anyone can host an activity or event. If you can think of a fun and engaging way to turn your idea into an opportunity to spread awareness and raise some money, the sky is the limit. It’s also a terrific way to do something in addition to participating in your Local Walk. The key is wanting to do more to help raise money and get people involved in the fight for a cure.

How can I get involved?

If you’re ready to take action and start your own activity or event, visit our Fundraise Your Way page. Let us know a little about what you would like to do and when, and we’ll help you ensure that your activity or event is a success!

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