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I have exciting news to share! Starting next Monday, Oct. 13, PKD Health Notes will be hosted on the PKD Foundation’s new blog, PKD Connection.

PKD Connection will provide the PKD community a place to gain tips to proactively manage your or your loved one’s health, hear the latest news from the PKD Foundation and have a conversation with other PKD patients and families.

PKD Health Notes, along with Valen Keefer’s blog, PKD Will Not Beat Me, will be incorporated into the umbrella PKD Connection, which will serve as a hub and destination. I will still be providing health, nutrition and well-being information to those with PKD and other kidney related issues on a weekly basis – the only difference is that the posts will now be on Also, please note that if you are already subscribed to PKD Health Notes, you will automatically receive a message when a new article is posted on PKD Connection.

This is an exciting new endeavor for the PKD Foundation and for PKD Health Notes. PKD Connection will provide of wide array of topics for the PKD community, as well as the opportunity for people to learn more about this disease.

See you next week on PKD Connection!


  1. joe chapot says:

    I was diagnosed with PKD three years ago. I was told it was a progressive disease that would end in Dialysis or a transplant, probably in a couple of years. I was accepted for a transplant but my GFR went back up so they kicked me out of the program. They said I might make it to 80. Very different than the first opinion. I am in the 20’s, GFR. Is it really possible to live 14 years with advanced PKD without a transplant or does the regression usually win out.[list][/list]

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