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Running for Elizabeth and to fight PKD

Travis1 Travis Mahoney’s girlfriend of four years, Elizabeth Adams, has PKD. Before her transplant last summer, her health was rapidly declining.

In order to take action in the fight against PKD, Travis is running the San Francisco Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon for the second year in a row. We spoke with Travis to learn more about his passion to Run for PKD.

What has been your experience with PKD?

Elizabeth was down to a kidney function of 10 percent before her transplant. She is one of the toughest people I know, but the disease was really taking its course. She is super active and always has more energy than me, so to see her sleeping all the time was really hard to watch.

After receiving a kidney from her father Rick this past July, she is doing great. With the support from her family and amazing mother Julia, it has been a total 180 for her. She is working again and has her energy back. Elizabeth handled it all well and always had her spirits up, which was inspiring.

This is your second year running the half marathon. Tell us more about why you decided to participate.

I had a New Year’s resolution to run a half marathon. When I heard about the Run for PKD, I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. Being a part of Team PKD is one of the few ways I can actually help Elizabeth. It feels great to raise money for the PKD Foundation to help find treatments and a cure. I am not a researcher, so this is the best thing I can do to help her.

What advice would you give to others to encourage them to participate in the Run for PKD?

I was not a runner before. However, my passion to help Elizabeth fueled my running. I encourage people to get involved, even if they haven’t run before. It is tough, but it is accessible for almost everyone if they have a few months to train.

This year, Elizabeth’s sister, Berkeley, and her sister’s boyfriend, Trevor, are joining me in the half marathon as well.

Travis2Why do you support the PKD Foundation?

I run because Elizabeth’s transplant is not permanent. She will need another kidney someday, so I will continue to support the PKD Foundation.

The PKD Foundation also provides us a sense of community and feeling like we are not alone. We have been able to connect with others who have had a transplant and hear their stories.

Interested in running in the San Francisco Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on Sunday, March 29? Learn more at


  1. jiang says:

    I am also a PKD patient. every time when I read the story like this is really inspiring me. last year, I didn’t participate the running for PKD, but I donated 50 dollars for running for the PKD at Chicago. it really need many people like Elizabeth and her family, friends to support to fight PKD. hope every PKD patient and their family will have a great life in the future.

  2. Julia Adams says:

    As Elizabeth’s mother, I’m SO happy and grateful that Travis has found this positive way to support Elizabeth and the work of the PKD Foundation! We had a great time at the run last year in San Francisco cheering Travis on! I encourage anyone whose considering participating in the Run For PKD to go for it or if you are in our area come on out and cheer for Team Elizabeth with us. Thank you for all your support Travis…you are awesome!! GO Travis, GO!! XO

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