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The German ADPKD Tolvaptan Treatment Registry

The German ADPKD Tolvaptan Treatment Registry is a prospective, observational, multicentric study of patients suffering from ADPKD that are considered for tolvaptan treatment. All ADPKD patients that are evaluated for treatment indication, or that are planned to be treated with tolvaptan, or that are already treated with tolvaptan are eligible. This registry is designed to provide “real-world” data on treatment management of patients with ADPKD.

Participation criteria:

Inclusion criteria:

  • Age > 18 years
  • ADPKD proven by positive family history and evidence of renal cysts or diagnosed by treating physician
  • Presentation at our center for tolvaptan treatment indication, or tolvaptan treatment planned, or tolvaptan already started

Exclusion criteria:

  • Patients not capable of giving informed consent
  • End stage renal disease requiring renal replacement therapy
  • Patients receiving tolvaptan as “off-label use”

Contact information:

Roman-Ulrich Mueller, MD

Cornelia Boehme