PKD Connect Conference

PKD Connect Conference FAQs

What is the PKD Connect Conference?

The PKD Connect Conference is a biennial national conference where PKD patients and their families gather to share and learn about the latest in PKD research, connect with others in the PKD community and have a chance to meet the researchers and doctors dedicated to finding new treatments and eventually a cure for PKD.

Who should attend the Conference?

The Conference is developed with PKD patients, parents of children who have PKD and caregivers in mind.

  • PKD patients will hear from the best in the PKD field to understand each stage of the disease, learn about new advancements in science and research, and connect with others who live with PKD.
  • Parents of children with PKD will have an opportunity to meet expert doctors and researchers to learn more about the disease and how to manage it, and to hear about what is new in research and science. They will also have an opportunity to meet, connect and get support from other parents of children with PKD.
  • Caregivers play a key role in the lives of people who have PKD, and yet caring for someone who is chronically ill can be highly stressful. At the Conference, caregivers will learn more about PKD and how to support their loved ones, while also learning how to care for their own physical and emotional health. Specific sessions and topics for caregivers are available.

What will I learn at the PKD Connect Conference?

Coming soon: A complete 2018 agenda outlining topics and sessions available for patients, caregivers and PKD parents.

Why should I attend the PKD Connect Conference?

The Conference is the place to be if you want to learn in-depth information about PKD and how to manage it from experts in the field. You will also have the opportunity to meet and connect with others who have PKD in a fun, open and welcoming environment.

Do you offer financial assistance to attend the event?

Yes, we want everyone to have the chance to attend so we're offering a financial aid opportunity to PKD patients (ADPKD or ARPKD) and parents of young children with ADPKD or ARPKD. The financial aid is for Conference registration fees only. The amount to be awarded will be determined at the time of the award. Learn more and apply here.

What is the dress code?

Dress casually and comfortably. Please keep in mind that some rooms may be colder than others, so consider wearing layers.