Donor honor roll

We are extremely grateful for our leadership donors who have made a transformational impact on the work of the Foundation. These individuals, corporations and foundations have made significant investments in the Foundation, and their philanthropy has allowed us to move closer to finding treatments and a cure. Lifetime Giving Society members have invested at least $100,000 in the Foundation, and Legacy Society members have left the Foundation in their will or other estate plans. This list is for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2013.

Lifetime Giving Society

Alaska Kidney Foundation
Amy and Jim Chapman
Andrea and Richard Kringstein
Anonymous (16)
Arrison Family Foundation
Astellas Pharma US, Inc.
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Barbara Goodman-Manilow
Bayer Corporation Pharmaceutical Division
Boeschoten Foundation
Brillant Law Firm
Carole and Andy Haggard
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Crown Family Philanthropies
Daphne Recanati Kaplan and Thomas S. Kaplan
Devin and Janis McCarthy & Family
Dolores I. Gammill
Donald and Cathy Roark
Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Heibel
Dr. Nathan Katz
Drew and Carin Netter & Family
Elizabeth and Orme Lewis
Estate of David C. Drager
Fidelity Investments
Flesch Borthers Investment Partnership
Gordon Flesch Company, Inc
Hoffmann-La Roche, AG
J.P. Morgan
James J. Maloney, Sr.
Janice Rae VonWeien
Jeannie and Tom Flesch
JoAnne Siebrasse
John and Lorri Chapman
Kansas City Life Insurance Company
KidneyTexas, Inc.
Lee and Susan Gammill
Martha and Jerry Jarrett
Miriam and Arthur W. Diamond Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Howard J. Malzberg
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Flesch
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Haggard
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Roth
Mr. & Mrs. Sean C. McDowell
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Harder
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Flesch
Mrs. Joan E. Brengel
Novartis Pharma AG
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc.
Peggy Bruening
Pfizer, Inc.
Rose and Richard Rubin
Rosetta Marketing Group LLC
Sally and James D. Klingbeil and Family
Sawtooth Relay and Zeitgeist Half Marathon, Idaho
Scott Peppet and Kellie Zell
Select Equity Group Foundation
Shirish and Rekha Desai
The Bill Bass Foundation
The Carlo and Micol Schejola Foundation
The Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust
The Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation
The Peggy and Harold Katz Family Foundation
The Recanati-Kaplan Foundation
The Solzberg Foundation
United Way
Zell Family Foundation

PKD Legacy Society

Allen P. Gervais Sr.
Anonymous (9)
Barbara P. Hill
Beverly A. Saathoff
Billie Hilburn Sartin
Billy B. Heaton
C. Malcolm Gailey
Catherine E. Straus
Catherine S. Ellsworth
Cathy L. Lewis
David L. Henneforth
Dolores P. Mass
Donald W. and Janet D. Scott
Doris Zinke
Douglas B. Lynn
Dr. & Mrs. Carl S. Korn
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart A. Hamilton
Dr. Gwynne and Mr. Leonard Horwits
Dr. Leo H. Munick
Dr. Walt A. Hunt
Eileen Anna May Nelson Schilling
Elizabeth A. Nowak
Estate of Alice Peyser
Estate of Barbara L. Kessler
Estate of Bruce C. Creamer
Estate of Charles W. and Mary A. Lockyer
Estate of David C. Drager
Estate of Dennis J. Novotny
Estate of Donald F. and Vicki R. Nagel
Estate of Edward A. and Virginia P. Vistica
Estate of Eileen Creamer O’Neill
Estate of Gladys E. Michalowski
Estate of Laverne Duvall
Estate of Leona Levison
Estate of Lyle J. & Beatrice M. Johnson
Estate of Marion L. Hetherington
Estate of Michael T. Welch
Estate of Mindy Lorin Schloss
Estate of Orme Lewis, Sr.
Estate of Robert E. Stein
Estate of Ruben & Jackie Brewster
Estate of Ruth T. Cohen
Estate of S. Michael Polakoff
Estate of Salvatore and Anna M. LoRicco
Estate of Samuel G. and B. Joan Clark
Estate of Suzanne P. Higgins
Estate of William Weyman and Joan Robinson Hunt
G. William Gail Jr.
Gary L. Campbell
Grete K. Benedict
Helen L. Lindenberger
Henry R. Krauss
James and Rosemary Stuttle
James Fermoile
Janice Rae VonWeien
Jean C. Helms
Jeannie and Tom Flesch
Jennifer Lamb
John Curtis
Karyn and Jerry Waxman
Kathy Etzkorn
Kathy L. King
Kelley B. Rivers
Kimberly & Scott Gamble
Laurel J. Long
Laurence D. Lande
Lila Beth Hoffert
Linda K. Cheatham
Marie and Wayne Lemle
Marion A. Broeker
Martha N. Fornaciari
Mary L. Brennan
Mary P. Vogel
Michael Cummings & Pamela Miller
Michael D. Cossey & Sallie Palmer
Mildred Glick Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Constantine Nickou
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Hecht
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Koskey
Mr. & Mrs. Dwight J. Odland
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Abrams
Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Tomlinson
Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Folden
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Ast
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry M. Cambra
Mr. & Mrs. Jim A. Cross
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Jenckes
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Janos
Mr. & Mrs. John Edgerly
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Bass
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Evey
Mr. & Mrs. John Scheider
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Acord
Mr. & Mrs. Louis F. Huning
Mr. & Mrs. Mark T. Jacobson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Premer
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Jablonski
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. McNulty
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ramos
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Herman
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Sleiter
Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Fowler
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Simon
Mr. & Mrs. William O. Beall Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Carscallen, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Flesch
Mr. Harold A. Saul
Mr. Jody M. Blatman
Mrs. Barbara Rieden
Mrs. Dana B. Burnstein
Patricia L. Walker
Randy & Karrie Smith
Raymond Cabadas Sr.
Ricardo Keel
Robert A. Roderick
Robert Shales & Roseann Baldauf-Shales
Ronald W. Bidwell & Betty A. Mandel
Rosemary V. Blakin
Roy Cool & Rebecca A. Minear
Susan Reid
Theresa Ayres
Virginia L. Prihoda
Wandamarie Bish
William B. Gail & Elke B. Meier
William N. Godin
Yvette and Russ Stepp