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We are the only organization in the U.S. solely dedicated to finding treatments and a cure for PKD to improve the lives of those it affects. We do this through promoting research, education, advocacy, support and awareness on a national level, along with direct services to local communities across the country.

Our vision is that one day no one will suffer the full effects of PKD.

The mission of PKD Foundation Chapters is to bring the organization’s mission to life in communities across the U.S. Chapters are facilitated by volunteers who want to make a difference in the fight to end PKD. Chapter activities focus on four key areas.

  • Education: Educate patients and family members about PKD by planning educational meetings or seminars. Promote educational opportunities offered by the Foundation in the local community.
  • Fundraising: Identify individuals, corporations and foundations interested in financially supporting the Foundation.
  • Support: Provide opportunities for PKD patients and their families to connect and support each other.
  • Awareness: Build awareness of PKD and the PKD Foundation to the patient population in your community.

Chapter leadership positions

Chapter Coordinator

The Chapter Coordinator represents the Foundation in the local community and acts as a liaison between the Foundation and local constituents. This volunteer position monitors the Chapter email account, recruits volunteers and works closely with PKD Foundation staff members to develop and implement an annual plan for the Chapter that includes activities that support all areas of the mission of the PKD Foundation. This position could take approximately 8 hours per month; participation in volunteer training is required and participation in the annual volunteer Leadership Conference is encouraged. A two year commitment is required.

The following are key volunteer positions for a Chapter.

Education Coordinator

The Education Coordinator, working with the Chapter Coordinator, is responsible for providing opportunities for education and support for chapter members. Responsibilities include organizing logistics for educational meetings or seminars, contacting and securing speakers for educational events, providing necessary information to speakers, facilitating support groups and providing information to those affected by PKD in your local community. The Education Coordinator will also work with the Chapter Coordinator to ensure that chapter members are aware of legislative priorities.

Fundraising Coordinator

The Fundraising Coordinator supports the Chapter’s fundraising activities. This includes soliciting and securing monetary sponsorships and in kind donations for Chapter events. The position oversees event budgets and, working with the Chapter Coordinator, helps ensure that the Chapter will meet its financial goals.

Walk Coordinator

The Walk Coordinator, working in conjunction with the Chapter Coordinator and Walk committee, is responsible for planning and executing the local Walk for PKD to raise funds and enhance awareness of PKD and the Foundation. This is a key role that requires some background in hosting fund raising events. This position could require 20 hours a month during walk season; participation in volunteer training is required and participation in the annual volunteer Leadership Conference is encouraged. A two year commitment is required.

Please email us at for information on any of these roles.

Current coordinator openings

  • Western New York – Chapter Coordinator
  • Western New York – Walk Coordinator
  • Delaware – Walk Coordinator

If you’re interested in learning more about these positions, please contact us at or fill out our volunteer interest survey and we will follow up with you.