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I believe health issues become harder to face as we age. As children, we don’t analyze and worry about things the same way we do as adults. When growing older, the focal point we have on ourselves broadens and opens […]

Dr. Sara Holditch is one of the four outstanding researchers selected for our 2017 PKD Foundation Fellowship Awards. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Microbial Biology from the University of California, Berkeley and completed her Ph.D. in Virology and Gene […]

The months have flown by! It’s hard to believe that it was only 8 months ago that I joined the PKD Foundation as the CEO. It’s been an eventful several months and I have some exciting updates I want to […]

Walk season is underway, which means our researchers are gearing up to win the title of top fundraising team in the Researcher Challenge! We recently spoke with Dr. Robin Maser, head of The Renal Avengers from KU Medical Center, about […]

When you live with chronic health issues, the definition of a good day can be much simpler than what most people think. I have also learned that we cross paths with people for a reason. There are individuals in the […]

In May, we announced four promising researchers as recipients of our 2017 PKD Foundation Fellowships. To give you a better understanding of how these researchers were chosen, our Director of Research and Education, Alexis Denny, sheds some light on the […]

In a split second our world and our health can change dramatically. We can go from being healthy to severely ill, thinking we are fine while relaxing on the couch and then spiking a fever and dry-heaving while calling 911. […]