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I was in my early 20s when I first typed “PKD” in Google’s search engine. That was 12 years ago this month. I was so excited to discover the PKD Foundation. I immediately contacted the Chapter Relations Manager and shortly […]

Navigating through a world full of germs and bacteria can be tricky – especially for someone with PKD. Here are some general health tips to get you through the last weeks of the cold and flu season: Wash hands frequently. […]

It’s healing and inspiring when we take something that tried to knock us down and use what we’ve learned to lift others up. This was illustrated last Saturday at the PKD Foundation Sacramento Chapter’s first annual Corks for a Cure […]

Loving ourselves is all encompassing, both internally and externally. If 20 women were to stand side by side, each would have a different physique and characteristics, making them unique. Yet, we often strive to look like others versus embracing the […]

Loving others seems natural, but loving ourselves isn’t always as simple. Why is this hard sometimes? Think of how many outward expressions of love we give on a daily basis. We tell our husband, wife, kids or friends that we […]

You may have read a recent article about a study published in January 2016 on the correlation between autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) and atrial fibrillation. The study found that patients with ADPKD are at an elevated risk of […]