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There are multiple countries in the world that have astonishing man-made structures. The Taj Mahal is a perfect example of art and architecture, seemingly floating above the ground in Agra, India. The Parthenon in Athens, Greece, rivals the Taj in […]

Bill Brazell is a longtime friend of the PKD Foundation. He served on the Board of Trustees from 2007-2013 and he has been involved for many years as a volunteer, advocate and donor to the PKD Foundation. When a former […]

I love this time of year as we are surrounded with friends, family and fun festivities. Throughout the holidays, there is a special feeling of love and friendship in the air. Decorations, twinkling lights and loved ones fill our homes […]

The mountains in Peru that surround Machu Picchu are like giant sentinels. In the morning, the fog gives the site an ethereal presence. Walking up the stone steps to the temple and royal areas, one can’t help fixating on the […]

As a PKD patient and transplant recipient, going on trips takes extra organization. I joke that half my suitcase is filled with medical items such as my blood pressure cuff, thermometer, medical journal, ice packs, snacks, first-aid supplies, and medicine. […]

Now that you have recovered from eating and shopping, it’s time for another holiday tradition – #GivingTuesday! A global day dedicated to giving back, #GivingTuesday is your chance to support a cause you’re passionate about. Support PKD Foundation this #GivingTuesday to […]

Valen’s husband, Noah, offers insight into what it’s like to be a caregiver to a PKD patient. I sat with my face in my hands as the fifth person tried to start an IV in Valen’s delicate veins. She was […]

Believe or not, it’s that time of year again! Before we gather with our family and friends for Thanksgiving, we’d like to take time to reflect. We asked the PKD Foundation employees the most common question during this time of […]