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Growing up, I never imagined what life would be like in my 30s. I never had a grand plan for how my future would unfold. I think my health issues kept me grounded with the belief that each new day was a […]

Never underestimate the power of your mind. Our days and lives are driven by our thoughts; our emotions can help or hurt us. We can be full of such happiness that we feel as though we are going to explode […]

Individuals who are born with natural talents, like artists and singers, amaze me. I wonder what it would feel like to paint a masterpiece or sing marvelously. However, I appreciate that we are all here for a reason, each having […]

As I forge ahead on my path of discovery, I continue to learn the importance and the art of being present. Being in the moment is mastered on an individual basis and is ever-evolving – it can be difficult to […]

Sydney, Australia, is a young and vibrant city. It is alive with a mixture of cultures and people from all over the world. One of my favorite sites in Australia’s largest city is the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Completed during the […]