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Published October 10, 2019 Written by Sue Full, Senior Director of Community Fundraising What is a matching gift? A matching gift is a charitable donation your company gives on your behalf. It is based on donations and, in some cases, […]

Published October 3, 2019 Researcher: Yong Yu, Ph.D. | St. John’s University PKD Foundation (PKDF): How did you first get involved in PKD research? Yong: When I was working as a postdoc in Dr. Jian Yang’s lab at Columbia University, […]

We can’t believe it, but the holidays are just around the corner! Try this low-sodium, low-protein spin on a classic Thanksgiving side. If you enjoy this recipe, consider purchasing our cookbook (it would also make a great gift!) Ingredients 2 […]

Published September 26, 2019 Researcher: John Shine, Ph.D. | Garvan Institute, Australia PKD Foundation (PKDF): How did you first get involved in PKD research?John: My early work on cloning the insulin gene for treatment of diabetes led to a lifelong […]

Published September 13, 2019 Researcher: Robin Maser, Ph.D. | University of Kansas Medical Center PKD Foundation (PKDF): How did you first get involved in PKD research? Robin: During my postdoctoral training, which involved the study of small nuclear RNAs, my adviser started […]

Written by guest contributor David A. Baron, Ph.D. Published September 10, 2019 Not long after I joined the PKD Foundation in 2015, I was made aware of an exciting news release from the Critical Path Institute (C-Path). They had formed […]

Joe Hallisey

Written by guest contributor Matthew Hallisey Published August 27, 2019 “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” — Ellis Boy “Red” Redding (Morgan Freeman) in The Shawshank Redemption (1994) My father Joe suffers from polycystic kidney disease. More precisely, he suffers […]