Drug therapy and treatments

Learn about potential treatments for PKD that are in the pipeline and being employed in other areas of the world.

FDA Approves the First Treatment for ADPKD

In this webinar, learn about JYNARQUE™ (tolvaptan), the new FDA-approved treatment for ADPKD. Hosted by Ronald Perrone, M.D., Associate Chief, Division of Nephrology at Tufts Medical Center and Professor of Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine.  Originally aired April 2018

Tolvaptan Clinical Trial Results

Learn the latest about the REPRISE (tolvaptan) clinical trial results from Ron Perrone, M.D., nephrologist at Tufts University and long-standing member of the PKD Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). Dr. Perrone is joined by Terry Watnick, M.D., member of both the Foundation’s SAC and Board of Trustees.

PKD clinical studies fast draw

Learn about the different types of studies and how you can help advance PKD research.

Drug repurposing

Drug repurposing is the process of developing new uses for existing drugs or drug candidates. This takes advantage of work that has been done for a different treatment use, thereby decreasing development costs and time to launch.

PKD therapies and potential candidates

PKD Foundation Chief Scientific Officer David Baron, Ph.D. talks with guest speakers Alan Yu, M.D. and Ron Perrone, M.D. to discuss the latest in potential PKD therapies that are currently (or soon to be) in trial.

The sequence of drug development

Hear from PKD Foundation Chief Scientific Officer David Baron, Ph.D. as he uses his decades of experience in drug development to explain the process as it relates to PKD.

Kidney stones

Dr. Arlene Chapman, Dr. Bharathi Reddy and Dr. Anna Zisman will help you understand what kidney stones are, why they happen and what can be done to treat them.

Vasopressin: What it is and how it's involved with PKD

PKD Foundation Chief Scientific Officer, David Baron, Ph.D., discusses vasopressin: what it is and how it is involved with polycystic kidney disease.