Great reads

There are some great books out there that touch on the many aspects of PKD. Some have storylines about PKD, others are written by volunteers and friends of the foundation. A percentage of the sales of these books will be donated to the Foundation.

My New Kidney & Me

Author: Greg Baldauf. "My New Kidney & Me" explores a body’s betrayal, a living donor’s generosity, and a life renewed.

Naked in the Middle of A Tornado: The True Story of One Family's Inspiring Fight Against Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

As Rob Herman likes to say, “It’s like being naked in the middle of a tornado, with all this stuff flying at you, with nothing to hold onto but each other.” Discover how much one person, one family, can take and still prosper! What hurts more? The physical pain of a rupturing colon; maybe needles […]

In Pursuit of a Better Life: The Ultimate Guide For Finding Living Kidney Donors

Author: Risa Simon You’re waiting for a transplant and you know your best option is to find a living kidney donor—but how do you go about doing that and what would you say? This powerful book pulls it all together by providing various ways to share your story, increase awareness and ask for help. Readers […]

Gift: Living Inside Out

"As the world is falling perfectly into place for a recently married young couple, they receive news one ordinary Friday afternoon that will radically change their lives forever."

Why I Think About Urine…and a Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease

In "Why I Think About Urine," Jared Grantham takes you on his life journey shaped by unexpected, and often unwanted, events that led to the discovery of the first effective treatment for a lethal, inherited kidney disease.

Logan's Bumpy Kidneys

Logan's Bumpy Kidneys is a book about a little boy who found out he had ARPKD when he was 2 years old. Not knowing how to explain PKD to such a young child, his family started calling his kidneys "bumpy."

Kidney Disease: A Guide for Living

Kidney Disease: A Guide for Living discusses kidney disease from a patient's point of view from diagnosis to transplantation. It provides a lay discussion of how kidneys work, how they fail, and how to prevent or reduce the progression of kidney disease.

My Favorite American

My Favorite American is the remarkable biography of 32-year-old Valen Keefer, an inspirational woman who fought back from the brink of death more than once to become a beacon of hope to all who know her.

Rediscovering My Inner Bitch: One Woman's Journey Through Being Diced, Spliced and Transplanted

Set against the lovely hills of central Massachusetts and the beaches of southern Maine, Rediscovering My Inner Bitch provides an unflinching glimpse into the soul of a woman waiting for someone to die so that she may live.

The Reluctant Donor

The Reluctant Donor highlights the progress made through the past seventy years with one family's battle with PKD.