Basic research to understand PKD is the foundation that all therapy development is based on. Learn about key discoveries and the ongoing effort to find a treatment and cure for PKD.

The PKD Foundation to invest nearly $5 million to fund treatment studies and research for a cure over the next two years

Read the exciting announcement from PKD Foundation of its nearly $5 million investment to fund research over the next two years.  Funding this research leads to further understanding of polycystic kidney disease and will lead to more treatments and eventually a cure.  

2019 Kaplan Award Press Release

Read more about the PKD Foundation presenting the Lillian Jean Kaplan International Prize for Advancement to two esteemed researchers in Melbourne, Australia.

Participate in clinical research

For drugs and therapies to be developed for PKD, clinical studies must be conducted.

PKD Foundation research grants program – current project summaries

To support work being done to find treatments and a cure, we have awarded 15 research grants to PKD researchers.

PKD genetics

Guest speaker Peter Harris, Ph.D., from Mayo Clinic discusses what we know about PKD genes and how this information could be used to inform disease progression and develop potential treatments. Originally aired April 2017

Regenerative medicine

Dr. Baron discusses regenerative medicine, including biomechanical kidneys and the next generation of renal treatments that could one day make dialysis and transplants a thing of the past.

A conversation with Timothy Kline, Ph.D.

PKD researcher Timothy Kline, Ph.D., discusses his PKD Foundation-funded project, which is focused on engaging technology to assess a PKD patient's prognosis and to judge the effectiveness of potential treatments.

Tyrosine kinase inhibitors & PKD

Learn about tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) and their role as a potential treatment for polycystic kidney disease (PKD).

PKD clinical studies fast draw

Learn about the different types of studies and how you can help advance PKD research.

A closer look at clinical studies

Our Chief Scientific Officer talks about the clinical study process including how clinical studies are designed and how enrollment decisions are made. Originally aired: July 2016