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There are certain days in our lives that will never be forgotten, either by choice or because the significance of them are burned into our memories. For me, Oct. 12 was one of those days. I was at California Pacific […]

I firmly believe the power of positivity is why I am still alive and how I’m able to endure and move forward with all of my chronic health issues. Our minds can have significant control over our thoughts and actions, […]

There are experiences and tragedies which we endure and can’t ever forget, but I believe it is important to find the strength to keep moving forward. Putting one foot in front of the other can unfold differently for different people, […]

Our diet and how we approach nutrition changes as we age, especially as a PKD patient. When we’re younger, we are either too busy playing to worry about food or aren’t focused on the importance of what we put into […]

I love when an idea unfolds organically, with serendipitous surprises along the way that lead one to believe it was all meant to be. This is what happened with my 15-year kidney transplant anniversary event. I felt that reaching such […]

A couple weeks ago, on the evening of August 12, my husband Noah and I were sitting in beach chairs along the shore of Lake Tahoe. We were watching the sun set behind the Sierra Mountains with the soothing sound […]

I believe health issues become harder to face as we age. As children, we don’t analyze and worry about things the same way we do as adults. When growing older, the focal point we have on ourselves broadens and opens […]

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