Since the Foundation’s establishment in 1982, it has invested almost $50 million in more than 1,300 research, clinical and scientific grants, awards, fellowships and scientific meetings. The Foundation’s financial commitment over the years has seen results on a local, national and even global level, including initiating funding for young investigators from around the world; supporting innovative research ideas; and providing bridge funding to researchers to allow researchers world-wide to apply for larger National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants.


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Funded Research

The Research Grant and Fellowship Programs will fund critical research to increase understanding of the genetic and pathological processes involved in PKD

Clinical Studies

From observational studies to clinical trials, patients can help researchers unlock the secrets of PKD and find a treatment by participating in a study.

PKD Treatment Pipeline

A direct result of Foundation funding and support, there are many treatments for PKD currently being developed in the U.S.

Tissue Donation

Our PKD tissue donation program provides patients with an avenue to contribute to the advancement of our understanding of PKD.

Kidney Cyst Sclerotherapy

Research is still ongoing as to how cyst sclerotherapy might influence kidney function long-term.

Research News

Explore the latest in polycystic kidney disease publications and awards.

For research and medical professionals

Funding Opportunities

The principal goal of our research grant program is the development of clinical interventions for the treatment of PKD. Explore available funding opportunities.

Scientific Meetings

We fund PKD-relevant scientific and clinical meetings that encourage research collaborations and educate medical professionals.

Data Resources in PKD Research

By encouraging utilization of existing datasets, the Foundation hopes to bring new perspectives. Learn more here.

Resources for medical professionals

We partnered with UptoDate to provide medical professionals education on PKD.