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With the help of our communities in cities across the country and beyond, we provide a forum for patients who want to join in the fight to find treatments and cure for PKD.

Connect with us to find out how you can make a difference in the lives of thousands in the U.S. and millions worldwide.

Detroit Community Meeting

 Join us for our upcoming community meeting via video conference! Share your PKD journey and hear from others within the community who understand what you’re experiencing. 

Event Details

Monday, March 11, 2024 
7 pm – 8 pm

Video conference link will be emailed upon registration.



Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the 2023 Walk for PKD. Information on the 2024 Walk for PKD season coming soon!

PKD Foundation Centers of Excellence badge in PKD Foundation purpleThe PKD Foundation is excited to the announce the newest cohort of Centers of Excellence, Partner Clinics, and Pediatric Clinics. If you are looking for the right healthcare providers to help you manage living with PKD, visit our Centers of Excellence page to learn more about the program and to find a Center of Excellence, Partner Clinic, or Pediatric Clinic.

There’s a new way ADPKD Registry participants can step up to provide hope today, and for future generations. The nation’s first dedicated ADPKD Registry is now also one of the first patient registries of any kind to integrate patient-provided health records. Share your health records through your provider’s online portal with a few simple steps on the ADPKD Registry. 

Now, as always, the PKD Foundation is committed to our mission of giving hope, advocating for patients, and building a community for all impacted by PKD. We'll continue supporting our community by providing important resources and timely updates on social media. If you have questions or need help navigating this unprecedented health crisis, we are here for you. Email or call (844) PKD-HOPE.

Elizabeth Pruzinsky

PKD Connect AMbassador



Beth Skorupski

Walk for PKD Ambassador

PKD has affected my family for at least three generations. As a few of my older cousins began to experience kidney failure due to PKD, my four sisters and I were tested and three of us were diagnosed with the disease. I was in my late thirties at the time and began a yearly check with a highly regarded nephrologist. I had no symptoms, no high blood pressure, and no pain for nearly twenty years. In my mid-fifties, I developed anemia and some loss of appetite therefore weight loss but no pain or high blood pressure. When my kidney function declined to the point of needing a transplant, I first had a nephrectomy of my right kidney (to make room for the transplanted kidney) and received several weeks of dialysis while healing. On September 7, 2011 I was blessed to receive my selfless, loving sister’s kidney and continue to feel great today!
Now that I’m retired from teaching and my children are on their own, I’m excited to be able to give my time to the PKD Foundation with the Detroit Walk. With our support, the Foundation will continue with breakthrough research and discover better treatments and one day a cure for PKD! Looking forward to seeing you at the Walk!

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