PKD runs in my family. My grandmother ultimately passed as a result of complications with the disease. My mother was diagnosed but it was very well managed until 2006. Within 6 months her kidney function dropped to under 10%. Her best friend Carolyn offered to donate and they began the process together. She was a perfect match and after months of testing the transplant was scheduled for November 2007. Three days before the surgery, the doctors identified a problem in Carolyn’s renal artery that would likely cause my mother to reject the kidney. Everyone was devastated and she had to go on dialysis. Thankfully, another one of her amazing friends offered to donate and was an ideal match as well. The procedure was a huge success and 10 years later my mom’s kidneys function is impeccable. I too have been diagnosed and I can only hope that I have friends as generous and caring as she does should the time comes for me to need a kidney.