Pearson's Poly Psychos

Richard Pearson (middle left with hat and sunglasses) with his Walk for PKD team, Pearson’s Poly Psychos.

Richard Pearson had always known about his family’s PKD genetic history. His great grandmother died from PKD complications, and his mother, Doris, spent most her of adult life worrying about being diagnosed with the disease and passing it to her children. There was a sense of relief when she was diagnosed at the age of 75. She thought perhaps that meant her children would have a much less aggressive, dormant form of PKD. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Richard and his brother. Both were diagnosed with PKD as adults and received kidney transplants before their 60th birthdays.

“My mother always felt great guilt for passing on the PKD gene to our family,” says Richard. “She would have liked the opportunity to help stop the disease.”

After Doris passed away in May, 2012, at age 89, Richard decided to do something that would honor her life, as well as pave the way for a brighter future – a future without polycystic kidney disease.

Instead of donating flowers, he and his family asked people to make a gift to the PKD Foundation in memory of their mother.

“I know she would have been pleased,” says Richard. “This is an investment for the future – for our children and grandchildren.”

For Richard and his family, tribute giving is a way to help make a difference in the lives of millions affected by PKD.

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