My best friend is giving me the gift of life: A transplant Q&A

We’re ending on a high note as Donate Life Month draws to a close: our very own Senior Director of Community Fundraising, Sue Full, has been approved as a transplant match for best friend and Director of Community Engagement, Nicole Harr! Check out the video below to learn from Sue and Nicole about the realities of transplant evaluations, preparation and the gift of life:

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  1. Karyn Waxman

    As I wipe tears from my face I am so grateful to you both for sharing your thoughts and emotions today. It’s particularly timely for me personally as I begin my journey into the world of transplant this week. I share so much of the very same thoughts and emotions wondering what the outcome will be and if there’ll be someone out there who will be able to give me that special gift of a healthy kidney. Our fears are the same, as are our hopes and dreams for a quality of life that includes travel, family love, and lots of joyous moments to cherish. Here’s wishing you both well in your intertwined life journey. Best of health to you both. [hugs]

    • Sue

      Thanks, Karyn! Thinking of you as you start this journey. We are here for you!

  2. Chris Berman

    I am so incredibly happy for you Nicole, to be able to have a pre-emotive transplant. And I am so incredibly grateful to Sue for being a living donor and giving Nicole the gift of life. Thank you both for sharing your story with us.

  3. Dave Switzer

    I wish you both all the best on this incredible journey. May the transplant go well and may you live long and healthy lives continuing to enjoy the incredible friendship you share.


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