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Zseraldina Ferenczi, Community Outreach Coordinator

My name is Zseraldina Ferenczi and I am the Community Outreach Coordinator at the PKD Foundation. I am excited to tell you about an important new resource for anyone impacted by polycystic kidney disease (PKD). It’s a web portal called PKD Connect where you can find information about the disease, nutrition tips, pain management advice or just a shoulder to lean on when you need it most.

With PKD Connect, no one faces PKD alone. Our PKD Connect team is dedicated to providing you with resources, emotional support and an opportunity to get connected with people who have similar experiences. I have the privilege to help manage PKD Connect and offer a variety of patient support services. Let me introduce you to a few of the major features PKD Connect offers:

  • PKD HOPE Line
  • Peer Mentor program
  • Online Community

The PKD HOPE Line is a phone number that people can call when they need guidance to cope with PKD. Whether you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed with PKD, are looking for ongoing support, or PKD-related resources, please call our hope line. Our staff is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time to answer your questions and direct you to resources that will address your concerns.

Peer mentor relationships can help you feel less alone

Our Peer Mentor program is great if you feel lost, alone, or even frustrated. You can request a peer mentor to be by your side and help you gain knowledge, encouragement and receive emotional care. PKD Connect mentors are carefully selected and trained to provide support, guidance, and resources to help you manage living with PKD. PKD Connect staff is dedicated to pairing mentors and mentees to ensure that a successful relationship will develop. If you would like to dedicate some of your time to helping others with PKD, you can sign up to become a mentor.

PKD Connect offers a variety of support services

Our Online Community is an online support group that is dedicated to offering a friendly, safe and supportive place for individuals and their families to share their stories and experiences with PKD. As a member, you can connect with other people impacted by PKD and contribute to ongoing conversations. You can also start your own conversation with a question or a post about your experience with PKD.

Through PKD Connect, I hope you will find support and encouragement to fight PKD and live life knowing that you are not alone.

Visit PKD Connect online to check out the full website and see how you can get connected!


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