Does Your Doctor Increase Your PKD (Positivity, Knowledge, Determination)?

I have a history of being quite judgmental when it comes to my doctors. It’s pretty cut and dry. I like them or I don’t. My health is in their hands. I won’t settle for anything but the best.

My transplant coordinator, Robin, myself and my nephrologist, Dr. Bhat

The first day I met my current nephrologist, Dr. Bhat, I was impressed like never before. I have quite the extensive medical history. When I see a new doctor and have to fill out the routine new patient form, I wish I could just hand them my written medical history and a copy of my medicine list. Or better yet a copy of my biography. I always get a kick out of it when they give me one line to list the medicine I take. Or how about the section of ‘have you ever been hospitalized and for what?’

As I sat in Dr. Bhat’s office filling out this form, I was prepared to have the appointment consist of me reiterating everything I have endured since I was a little girl. Dr. Bhat opened the door carrying my patient folder containing my medical history that was sent to him from Johns Hopkins, in which he never had to refer to in my presence. Rather than me telling him what I have been through, he talked to me about my extensive medical challenges over the years and where my current health is today. I was blown away, and very grateful that he took the time to really learn my medical history prior to our first meeting each other. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. I was over the top impressed with his knowledge of my health and his caring nature. I instantly trusted him and that is so vital for patients to have with their doctors.

Finding the right team of doctors is so fundamental. Our doctors provide support and comfort that our families can’t. When something is wrong and we are not feeling well, it is essential to be comfortable and able to trust the decisions that they make for us. It is their decisions and care, in addition to us being diligent patients, which keep us as healthy as possible.

I see my nephrologist every four months and learn something new every appointment. I ask many questions and find out how I can be proactive in staying as healthy as possible. I leave feeling more knowledgeable, more in control of my health and with the confidence that my health is in good hands.

We have the choice of who takes care of us; we deserve the best care available. It is important to find the right doctor for you.

How does the relationship with your doctor increase your PKD (Positivity, Knowledge, Determination)?



  1. Connie Moss

    This is not a comment for the article BUT a question to gain knowledge. They say some cases you can get PKD without it being hereditary. I am in that category. My 4 sons have 50% of getting this. Thus making this disease even more problematic. Just keeps multiplying. Do they do research by asking people like me background info from childhood incidences, health… I would be more than willing to answer ANYTHING. They need to research people in my category to help find the answers. It starts somewhere THEN becomes hereditary. “Everyone one day will have it I fear”. Am I overthinking? I think I have a good point. No?

    • Valen Keefer

      Hi Connie,
      Thank you so much for your comments and this question. I reached out to the PKD Foundation to get you an answer on this as I am not sure. Great question and I will let you know as soon as I hear back from them on this! 🙂


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