Lifestyle tips from the PKD community

These tips come from community members who know best what it’s like to live with PKD

Here at the PKD Foundation, we love seeing how engaged the greater community is when we reach out for your stories. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been asking on social media for your best lifestyle tips and wanted to share a few of your best suggestions:

“Still finding my way. But I stopped smoking.” – Carol Johnson

“Was transplanted in 2013, but before that watched intake of protein, sodium, processed foods (especially smoked deli meats). Keep active get your heart rate up! Eat iron-rich foods. Just eat healthy as a rule.” – Sherry Dobbs

“I drink plenty of water and I watch my sodium intake. I take my meds like I should and exercise daily.” – Robyn Enke Wilson

Staying hydrated is a great way to care for your kidneys

“Drink water , water and more water. Lowered my sodium intake. Just had my transplant 1/4/19.” – Penny Merson

“Reduce stress.” – Lori Jacoby

“I run, play tennis and meditate.” – Ysela Camarena

“Drinking water, eating healthy, staying active and trusting in God’s plan!” – Amy Gable

“No beef! Beef makes a normal kidney pump an extra hour to process that’s hard on PKD.” – Lisa Tremel

“Watching my protein and sodium intake and drinking lots of water.” – Cynthia Fedderman

Low impact exercise is a good option for PKD patients looking to keep active

“Keep moving, be kind to yourself, and talk about your thoughts and concerns.” – Chris and Denise Holley

“Use a heating pad to help with the pain.” – Karen Patterson

“Working out and eating vegetarian.” – Ade Kay

What are your best lifestyle tips for living with PKD? Share in the comments below!

Note: Information or materials posted on this blog are intended for general informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice, medical opinion, diagnosis or treatment. Any information posted on this blog is not a substitute for patient specific medical information or dietary advice. Please consult with your healthcare team or dietitian for a more complete dietary plan and recommendations.

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  1. Jason Cupedro

    Hi all. I went to the ER last week for a bad stomach ache and they took a CT scan that the DR said showed many cysts on my kidneys and liver. I have normal lab readings but am scared. I’m waiting for a referral to an nephrologist. None of my family has ever had any kidney problems.


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