Meet Chief Advancement Officer, Chad Iseman

Published June 23, 2020 | Earlier this month, Chad Iseman joined the PKD Foundation as its new chief advancement officer. He’s no stranger to the world of kidney disease. A veteran fundraiser, he’s generated donations in support of kidney patients for 15 years. As he settles in, we sat down to learn more about his position and fundraising background.

Can you tell us about your role as Chief Advancement Officer (CAO)?

Chad: As CAO, my role is to develop and implement a comprehensive and diverse funding strategy that will lead to increased donations and an accelerated mission. Along with the whole advancement department, I’ll build a strong, goal-oriented culture focused on teamwork, operational excellence, and innovation. In addition to a sense of purpose, optimism, and enjoyment of our work.

What are you most excited about with the new role?

Chad: The polycystic kidney disease community is dedicated and motivated to advance the PKD Foundation’s mission. I’m excited to work alongside our staff, volunteers, and patients to find new therapeutics and, ultimately, a cure for PKD.

How do you think your previous position at the National Kidney Foundation will translate to your work at the PKDF?

Chad: Fighting for kidney patients has been my professional purpose for 15 years. Through the PKD Foundation, I’m offered an opportunity to continue supporting kidney disease patients while pursuing a new professional challenge and making many new friends. The PKD Foundation and the National Kidney Foundation share many of the same strategic, programmatic, and research initiatives. It’s my hope that I can translate this knowledge into growth for the PKDF.

What brought you to the PKD Foundation?

Chad: A sincere desire to continue serving kidney disease patients with the added opportunity to influence the success and strategic direction of an important kidney health organization. I’ve followed the PKDF for over a decade, but my career goals and the Foundation’s needs haven’t aligned until now. I’m grateful and excited to be part of this team.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Chad: I like to stay moving, and I tend to think of myself as handy and creative around the house. When I’m not working on a new landscaping or yard project outside, I’m probably inside the house painting or working in my woodshop. I build small furniture and knickknacks. My wife, Katie, is an architect. So I typically look forward to my next “honey-do” list. Oh, and Netflix! I take some pride in being an early adopter to the Tiger King craze—but I don’t own any animal printed clothes.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the PKD community?

Chad: Everyone I’ve met in my short time with the PKD Foundation has been incredibly warm and welcoming, which is a testament to the people involved in this organization. To our donors and supporters who make this mission possible, know that I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside you on this journey.

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  1. Jean Sommer

    Welcome! I am excited that you are part of this fabulous PKD group! Best, Jean


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