On the Road Again with Walk for PKD

On the road again… It’s great to be on the road again!

It’s Walk for PKD season! For many of our staff, that means we are out on the road all over the country, supporting our Walk volunteers. I was lucky enough to be able to attend two Walks in the first weekend: Detroit and Milwaukee.

Danielle Rose at the Detroit Walk for PKD with Channel 4 news walk emcee, Andrew Humphrey, and volunteer Andrea Allemon.

I flew into Detroit on Friday, Walk for PKD backpack on my back and “this is my fundraising shirt” shirt worn proudly on my front, which offered me the opportunity to give my PKD elevator speech at the hotel.

Walk day in Detroit was a little chilly, but that didn’t stop people from coming out and enjoying a good time, I even won a great raffle prize! This Walk is run by a dedicated volunteer committee who stepped up when the lead volunteer was out sick.

A staff member’s work is never done, so I headed back home to Milwaukee on Saturday night so I could be ready to go for the Milwaukee Walk on Sunday.

It was a beautiful fall day in Milwaukee. Walkers came from all over. Every time I turned around someone was there, ready to get registered to Walk.

The generosity at this Walk is outstanding and you can see it in the fundraising as well as the many raffle gifts donated to the event. I’m Wisconsin, born and bred, so it was nice to wrap up my weekend travels at home in the Milwaukee PKD community.

These two walks are just the beginning of my Walk travels. I’ll be on the road for the next few weeks. My backpack, a fundraising shirt and I are ready to take on the season!

It’s not too late to join your local Walk! Register now at walkforpkd.org.


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