Outlive Yourself

In celebration of National Donate Life Month, I was asked by Taylor’s Gift Foundation to write an article sharing my organ donation story and my ‘Outlive Yourself’ spirit. In my piece of writing for Taylor’s Gift, I share my vital need for a kidney transplant as a mere 18 year old swiftly headed towards the cornerstone of life and death. I express my gratitude for my living kidney donor, Sally Robertson. How my gift of life has afforded many opportunities, a remarkable ripple effect and profound purpose for my life. Also, how I choose to live with a hopeful and ‘Outlive Yourself’ spirit with …

Ongoing positivity
Utmost respect
Topnotch healthcare
Loving life
Inspiring others
Valiant effort
Endless gratitude

Youthful spirit
Organ donor
Unyielding honesty
Reflective soul
Selfless ways
Enduring strength
Lifelong learning
Faithful heart

I encourage you to read my complete article at: http://blog.taylorsgift.org/from-fighting-to-survive-to-life-filled-with-purpose

How do you live with an ‘Outlive Yourself’ spirit?


Taylor’s Gift Foundation was established in 2010 following a tragic skiing accident that took the life of Taylor Storch, a vibrant and gifted 13-year old girl with a true ‘Outlive Yourself’ spirit. With a mission to Regift Life, Renew Health, and Restore Families the foundation works through their Legacy Gift program to provide back to families that have been touched by organ donation.

Immediately after the accident, Todd and Tara Storch founded Taylor’s Gift in Taylor’s memory with an intention to encourage the giving spirit that she lived by. Taylor’s Gift purposefully seeks to help families touched by organ donation, increase the number of registered organ donors, and reframe the perceptions associated with organ donation from being about death to being about life.


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