To My Caregiver

Noah & ValenBeing a patient is no easy feat, and I believe the same applies to the person caring for a patient. I’ve been dealing with health issues since I was a little girl, so being a patient is second nature to me. I’ve had to be a caregiver only once, for my husband, Noah. I quickly learned how challenging and stressful caring for someone else could be.

A couple of years ago Noah was in an accident while riding his mountain bike. He fell, cut his leg badly, wrapped it with his shirt and managed to get back to his car. Noah called to inform me of his accident and that he had to go to the ER. He asked me to pack a few things and stated he was on his way home to pick me up. I went into panic mode. I ran around the house gathering things, full of stress and anxiety from what happened to Noah. When he arrived, I flew out the door and there he was: cool, calm and collected and told me to hop in the car. I thought, “What?!” I assumed I would be driving. Noah drove us to the hospital, and upon check-in, his blood pressure was normal. I knew if mine were measured it would be sky-high from worry. Noah wound up getting stitches in his leg and we came home the same evening.

Noah in ERThis sure was a learning experience for me. I realized that I am a better patient than caregiver. I got a small glimpse into the stress and worry caregivers undergo. I wanted to help Noah and couldn’t do anything but provide verbal support and love. This was a minor injury, but I hated to see Noah in pain. This event was eye-opening as it gave me a peek into the world of unsung heroes: caregivers.

Noah is extraordinary. He handles his challenging role with such grace and dedication. Noah has supported me through countless health issues over the past nine years. His strength and unconditional love continues to amaze me.

I have endless words of gratitude for Noah. Here are a few:

– Just as much as I wouldn’t choose to be a patient, I’m sure you wouldn’t choose to be a caregiver. Not everyone has the strength and fortitude to support someone else the way you do with me, and for that, I believe you were meant to be a caregiver. I’m so thankful you are mine!

– You make my days brighter, struggles easier and pain more bearable.

– You give me something to look forward to, make me excited for today and our future together.

– You give so much of yourself to supporting me. I want you to give the same amount of energy that you give to me to yourself. You deserve it!

– Thank you for sharing this extraordinarily challenging and extraordinarily beautiful journey with me. I am forever grateful for you and your love!

Thank you to all caregivers for helping us patients along our PKD journeys!

What do you want to tell your caregiver?


  1. Liza Mason

    Dear Valen,

    As usual, your letters make me shed a tear. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is a caregiver to me. You give all of us inspiration. Thank you!

    God is watching over us.


    Liza Mason

    • Valen Keefer

      Hi Liza,
      Aw, you are so sweet, thank you! So happy to learn that you have a wonderful caregiver too! I look forward to the day we meet.

  2. sandee walling

    You are both the strongest, kindest, best people in the world. I love you both

    • Valen Keefer

      You’re the best Sandee! Our lives are richer with you in it! We love you!!! XO

  3. Noelia

    Love it! You two are a beautiful and loving couple♡ God bless you both 🙂 I would like to tell my caregiver, hubby, and BFF Andrew that I love him very much and I m very blessed to have him because he has stayed by my side in this very challenging PKD journey. He cares for me and loves me, he has even taken a extra job which means he has no days off. Andrew always puts his family’s needs ahead of his own and for that and so many other qualities he is the best hubby and Dad to our children♡

    • Valen Keefer

      Yay for our amazing men and caregivers! Thank you for sharing Noelia. It warms my heart knowing that you have Andrew to help, support and love you along your journey. You deserve the best! Hope you’re doing well. Happy Father’s Day to Andrew! 🙂


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