5 Reasons to Make Your PKD Legacy Estate Plan

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Published on October 20, 2022 | Have you ever thought about your PKD legacy? This week, we’re celebrating National Estate Planning Awareness Week. One way to create a PKD legacy is by including the PKD Foundation in your estate plan.


Estate Plan Basics

So, what’s an estate plan? It’s an easy way to ensure how your assets will be preserved, managed, and distributed after your lifetime. A plan can be created online, but most often, it’s completed with the guidance of an attorney. As we come into fall and the season of giving, one way to consider giving to your loved ones and your favorite organizations can be by setting up a legacy plan while also giving yourself peace of mind.

Why should you be estate planning?


1. You need more than a will

A properly designed estate plan allows you to direct distribution of assets including gifts to charities that you want to leave a legacy at or endow your annual giving.

2. It saves time and money

By doing your legacy planning while living, you keep assets and the estate from being probated. Probate court is often expensive and time consuming for your family.  

3. It helps avoid big taxes

A professionally written estate plan can direct funds in ways that will minimize or eliminate taxes completely.

4. Protects your children

Legacy planning can protect the assets for your heirs. It also offers life income arrangements to protect and preserve assets directed to children, and in many cases, their heirs in the future. You can rest easy knowing your children and grandchildren will be taken care of.

5. Protects your future

Good estate planning can provide for you as well as your heirs and even provide support for organizations like the PKDF. Who count on support from generous supporters to continue our critical work and mission to one day End PKD.   


The PKD Foundation is Here to Help

As dedicated and supportive donors, we kindly ask that you continue your support of the PKDF after your lifetime. Celebrate National Estate Planning Awareness Week with us by including the PKDF in your legacy plan. We’d love to hear about your plans and recognize your generosity in our Legacy of Hope campaign.

“Please reach out to the PKDF Advancement team professionals for additional information or questions pertaining to these and other tax-favorable gifting strategies, including ways to leave a legacy at PKDF for future generations.”

—Jon Rich, FCEP, CAP®, Chief Philanthropy Officer



For more information, visit pkdcure.org/give. Additionally, you can speak with a PKD Foundation philanthropic advisor by contacting us at donorrelations@pkdcure.org or (816) 931-2600.


Year-end giving is around the corner! Our team is here to help you as you choose how to distribute your 2022 charitable giving dollars. You can reach out to our team at donorrelations@pkdcure.org or (816) 931-2600 with your questions.




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