How Do I Fundraise for PKD?

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Published on January 19, 2021 | Want to raise funds that benefit the PKD community but not sure where to start? Through the Fundraise Your Way program, it’s easy to fundraise for PKDF. Senior Director of Community Fundraising Sue Full walks us through the basics of starting your own successful fundraiser.

What is the Fundraise Your Way (FYW) program?

This program provides you the opportunity to take your passion and turn it into a fundraiser for PKD. Have fun doing what you enjoy while supporting a cause that matters to you. Every dollar raised funds critical PKD research and lets you play a vital role in bringing us closer to our vision to #endPKD.

We have four categories to choose from, but don’t let that limit your imagination.

Your Celebration

Donate your birthday, wedding, anniversary, or holiday to PKD.

Your Tribute

Remember or honor a loved one by setting up a memorial page to collect donations for PKD.

Your Challenge

Run, climb, cycle, hike, race, any physical challenge applies.

Your DIY

Percentage of sales, craft sales, trivia, online gaming—the possibilities are endless.

Where do I start if I want to fundraise for PKD?

The first step in FYW is starting your fundraising page at The community fundraising team is here to guide you in your efforts. We have tips and resources to get you started on the path to campaign success. Email us or call 800-753-2873 if you have questions or need help setting up your page.


2018 Annual Beer Bocce Bash

What are some successful FYW campaigns that you’ve seen?

Recently, a first-time fundraiser live-streamed a game for two days and raised over $2,000 for PKD. In honor of Mel and Marge Wasko, the Annual Beer Bocce Bash raised $9,921 and provided participants with an afternoon of fun.


What makes a good FYW campaign?

Successful fundraising events are promoted through networks of friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. Sharing your PKD story and why raising funds for PKD is important to you will take your fundraising to the next level.


The community fundraising team is here to help and support you in your fundraising efforts. Contact us at with all of your fundraising questions.

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  1. Diane Fisher


    I am trying to set up a Birthday donation. Can you help. I called and left a message for someone to call me back.

    Thank you for your time

    Diane 732-947-6911


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