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Published on September 28, 2021 | PKD takes an enormous toll on the families it impacts. A PKD diagnosis can be overwhelming—full of questions, fears, and uncertainties. Because it’s a genetic disease, PKD can affect generation after generation in a family. In order to prevent younger generations from facing the effects of PKD, more research is needed. To do our part, the PKD Foundation launched the Future Focus campaign to help patients, families, and friends affected by PKD.


What is Future Focus?

Future Focus is a $70 million campaign—the most ambitious in our 40-year history—to increase our research commitment by 300%. Through this campaign, we continue to usher in new hope in the fight to #endPKD. Campaign Chairman Mike Haggard knows first-hand why this commitment to furthering PKD research is essential.

Campaign Accomplishments

  • Together, we increased our research commitment by nearly 300%. Moreover, it increased research grant funding by 230%, funding 56 researchers in the past four years alone.
  • We grew our research endowment to nearly $20 million to sustain annual grant funding for future generations of innovative scientists and investigators.
  • We established the first national ADPKD Registry with more than 2,000 registrants.
  • Expanded our role in the PKD Outcomes Consortium (PKDOC) that led to the first treatment for ADPKD. The 2021 PKDOC Summit directed the consortium toward advancing ARPKD research and treatments, targeting ADPKD treatments focused on earlier disease intervention, and encouraging industry investment in PKD research.
  • Initiated a more inclusive PKD education program. This included our first virtual PKDCON conference (in English and Spanish) with more than 1,800 registrants from around the world. The 31 presentations were recorded and are available to view on our website.
  • Leveraged $181 million in federal funding for PKD research.

“I became the chairman of the Future Focus Campaign because I’m committed to ensuring that future generations of families would have treatment options, and hopefully, a cure for PKD. With goals to increase PKD research funding by 300%, establish a patient registry, and work with partners to create a path for research to become viable treatments, I knew this was the best chance to help my family and others with PKD.”

—Mike Haggard, Campaign Chairman

We’ve nearly achieved our goals. With just over $1 million left to raise to make our Future Focus Campaign goal, a donation now will help transform the future of PKD families. Together, we can give hope and #endPKD.



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