Raising PKD awareness one good hYOUman tag at a time

Valen wearing one of her favorite good hYOUman sweatshirts, “Hope is Dope.”

Peeking in the window of a clothing store in Sedona, Ariz., the first thing I saw was a shirt with the words, “My life story will be a good one” printed on it. I immediately walked into the store. While browsing around, I began to see more items with inspirational messages on them. I looked at the hangtag on a piece of the clothing and the owner of the store, Maria, shared that the company – good hYOUman – was founded by a man named Brett Novek, who started it in honor of his late father. The top of the clothing tag read, “Everyone Has a Story.” I flipped it over and on the back was a person’s inspirational story. I tried to imagine how incredible it would be to have my story shared on good hYOUman’s clothing tags.

The front of good hYOUman hangtags features Founder & CEO Brett Novek with his father.

My good hYOUman wardrobe began that day as I purchased a bunch of items. The inspirational sayings on their clothes really speak to me. I love how amazingly comfortable everything is, how Brett started the company in honor of his father, his interest in sharing people’s stories and that everything is made in the U.S.

After learning about this awesome and meaningful brand, I started to follow them on social media. In the fall of 2016, they had a Holiday / Thankful Contest, where they encouraged the public to share what they are thankful for. I participated in this and good hYOUman selected me as their Thankful Contest Grand Prize Winner and shared my story on their social media. I was very excited to be selected and shortly after this my story was picked to be printed on their hangtags. Good hYOUman shares a different person’s story on their hangtags each quarter and last quarter was my story. This was such an honor and a dream come true.

I think back to several years ago, holding that good hYOUman clothing tag in Sedona and how I thought what an amazing platform it would be to share my journey and help raise awareness for PKD and organ donation. Today, I’m holding a tag that reads:

A friend of Valen’s from social media who was inspired to buy a good hYOUman shirt with Valen’s story on the hangtag.

I’ve seen my hangtag at a boutique in Truckee, Calif. and several people across the U.S. have sent me pictures of clothing they’ve purchased with my tag. I’m so touched to know that my story is on good hYOUman clothing all over the U.S. Everyone has a story and it is important for us to be proud of our stories and find ways, either simple or unique, to raise awareness, inspire and give hope – one human at a time. I encourage you to make the most of your story and strive to be a good hYOUman.

What does being a good hYOUman mean to you? In what ways have you used your story as a platform to raise awareness and inspire?



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