Determination, the “D” in my PKD! Because so many members of my family grapple with PKD, or have died from it, I have developed a strong connection with those who endure the pain and suffering caused by every form of kidney ailment.

Sharing my story at a press event at the Truckee DMV during National Donate Life Month, April 2012

I believe I am alive today to use my story for the benefit of others. My mission is to dedicate my life and contribute all I can to help others, in hopes they will not have to go through the same trials I have. I feel as though the best way to thank my kidney donor is to make her proud. I show my appreciation by living each day full of passion, positivity and purpose. My hope is that my triumph over adversity will set an example that one can lead a full filling life post transplant and while having an incurable disease. My life showcases the vital need for research to put an end to kidney disease.

Determination pulled me through my health challenges, determination keeps pushing me forward and today I am determined to make a difference, inspire others and END PKD. The hope for a treatment and or cure for PKD is what fuels my determination to do all I can to play a part in seeing this monumental day. I believe it takes PKD (Positivity – Knowledge – Determination) to ENDPKD!

What fuels your determination?


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