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With the help of our communities in cities across the country and beyond, we provide a forum for patients who want to join in the fight to find treatments and cure for PKD.

Connect with us to find out how you can make a difference in the lives of thousands in the U.S. and millions worldwide.

Are you interested in Participating in a Research Study on Physical Behaviors?

UC Denver is looking for unaffected family members of individuals with ADPKD to participate in a research study on physical activity behaviors. For more information contact Cortney Steele at cortney.steele@cuanschutz.edu or 303-742-0673.

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The PKD Foundation is excited to announce Centers of Excellence. If you are looking for the right healthcare providers to help you manage living with PKD, visit our Centers of Excellence page to learn more about this program and to find a Center of Excellence or a Partner Clinic.

Now, as always, the PKD Foundation is committed to our mission of giving hope, advocating for patients, and building a community for all impacted by PKD. We'll continue supporting our community by providing important resources and timely updates on social media. If you have questions or need help navigating this unprecedented health crisis, we are here for you. Email or call (844) PKD-HOPE.

If you’re looking for a shoulder to lean on or want to help others from the safety of your home, our Peer Mentor Program is a great resource:

  • Interested in connecting with a mentor? Please take a moment to fill out our mentee survey and our team will follow up with you via email or by phone.
  • Interested in becoming a peer mentor? Please complete our mentor application and a member of our staff will follow up with you by email or by phone.

PKD Connect Ambassador

Interested in volunteering in the Denver Community? Complete our Become a Volunteer form or email volunteers@pkdcure.org. 

Geno Leage

Walk for PKD Ambassador

I’m, Geno Leage the Walk Ambassador for the Denver Community & have volunteered for the Seattle Community in the past. Not only am I a volunteer, a patient but I’m a contributing chef to the PKD cookbook. Volunteering is as rewarding as a happy eater. See you in the kitchen!

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