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Rob Herman and daughter Kaley

After being placed on the waitlist, receiving the call for a kidney transplant is a happy occasion for many PKD patients. The chance that PKD, with its genetic nature, might not end with a transplant can lead a family down […]

As many PKD patients know, PKD can often be accompanied by other ailments. Join guest blogger Rob Herman as he shares his and his family’s story about how PKD has impacted their lives: Though it has yet to be officially […]

Following my mother’s episode and subsequent diagnosis as a “vegetable,” life was continuing in the Herman household. We kids were no longer kids. I was 13 and wanting my own life, like any know-it-all teenager. My mom was getting “better,” […]

Our volunteer Coordinators take on many important roles as part of their involvement with the Foundation: leaders, educators, fundraisers, caregivers and more. We recently caught up with Hudson Valley Chapter Coordinator Darien DaCosta, who has taken on all of these roles […]

Meet Gene Okun! Gene has PKD, and so did his father. Since his diagnosis, Gene’s kidneys have grown big (doctors say they may be the world’s largest) and dumb (functioning at only 18 percent). Currently in search of a living […]

I was diagnosed with PKD in October 2015. I am the fifth generation affected by PKD in my family. My great-great-grandmother, great-grandmother, grandfather, great-uncle and my mom all have or had PKD. I am the youngest member of my family […]