Statistics support our messages and add credibility. Here are some helpful resources about PKD to take with you and leave with the person you are meeting with.

About PKD / My story

Immunosuppressant Drug Coverage Bill

CDMRP & polycystic kidney disease

Living Donor Protection Act (S.511/H.R.1224)

2019 PKD Foundation legislative priorities

About PKD

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is one of the most common, life-threatening genetic diseases. It affects thousands in America and millions worldwide, who are in urgent need of treatments and a cure.

Kidney disease by the numbers

America’s under-recognized kidney disease epidemic highlights the imperative need to improve care, quality of life and clinical outcomes for millions of people living with this disease.

Congressional Kidney Caucus

The purpose of the Caucus is to educate Congress and the public about the problem kidney disease poses for our society and to educate Congress and the public about the federal government’s singular role in providing access to life-sustaining treatment for those Americans with the severest form of chronic kidney disease (CKD), stage 5 CKD.